BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Geometra marginaria --> Geometra paralellaria
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Geometra marginaria

Geometra marginaria

Geometra marmorata

Geometra mediaria

Geometra melanaria

Geometra mensurata

Geometra miata

Geometra minutata

Geometra minutata

Geometra modicata

Geometra moeniata

Geometra molluginata

Geometra monilaria

Geometra montanata

Geometra mucidaria

Geometra mundata

Geometra mundata

Geometra munitata

Geometra murinaria

Geometra murinaria

Geometra muscosata

Geometra nävaria

Geometra nanata

Geometra nebulata

Geometra nemoraria

Geometra nespertata

Geometra nexata

Geometra nexata

Geometra nigricaria

Geometra nivearia

Geometra notaria

Geometra notataria

Geometra notataria

Geometra nubilaria

Geometra nullaria

Geometra nycthemararia

Geometra obelisata

Geometra obfuscaria

Geometra obliguata

Geometra obliquata

Geometra obscuraria

Geometra obtusaria

Geometra ocellaria

Geometra ocellata

Geometra olivata

Geometra omicronaria

Geometra ononaria

Geometra opacaria

Geometra operaria

Geometra orbicularia

Geometra ornataria

Geometra ossearia

Geometra ostrinaria

Geometra pallidaria

Geometra palumbata

Geometra pantaria

Geometra papilionaria

Geometra papilionaria

Geometra papilionaria

Geometra paralellaria

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