BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Geometra partitaria --> Geometra quercaria
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Geometra partitaria

Geometra pectinaria

Geometra peletieraria

Geometra pendularia

Geometra pennaria

Geometra pennigeraria

Geometra penulataria

Geometra peribolata

Geometra permutataria

Geometra permutataria

Geometra petraria

Geometra petrificata

Geometra picata

Geometra picearia

Geometra pilosaria

Geometra pilosaria

Geometra pimpinellata

Geometra pinetaria

Geometra piniaria

Geometra piniaria

Geometra plagiata

Geometra plumaria

Geometra plumistaria

Geometra plumistaria

Geometra politaria

Geometra pollutaria

Geometra polycommata

Geometra polygrammata

Geometra pomonaria

Geometra populata

Geometra praeformata

Geometra prasinaria

Geometra pravata

Geometra procellata

Geometra prodromaria

Geometra progemmaria

Geometra propugnata

Geometra prunaria

Geometra prunaria

Geometra prunata

Geometra psittacata

Geometra pullaria

Geometra pulveraria

Geometra pumilata

Geometra punctaria

Geometra punctaria

Geometra punctularia

Geometra punctularia

Geometra puppillaria

Geometra purpuraria

Geometra pusaria

Geometra pusillaria

Geometra pusillata

Geometra putataria

Geometra pygmaearia

Geometra pygmaeata

Geometra pyraliata

Geometra pyropata

Geometra quadrifasciata

Geometra quercaria

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