BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Geometra hastulata --> Geometra margaritaria
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Geometra hastulata

Geometra hepararia

Geometra herbaria

Geometra hexapterata

Geometra hippocastanaria

Geometra hirlaria

Geometra hispidaria

Geometra honoraria

Geometra honoraria

Geometra horridaria

Geometra horridaria

Geometra horridaria

Geometra hortaria

Geometra hybridata

Geometra ilicaria

Geometra illibaria

Geometra illunaria

Geometra illustraria

Geometra illustraria

Geometra imbutata

Geometra imitaria

Geometra immoraria

Geometra immutaria

Geometra impluviata

Geometra impurata

Geometra incanaria

Geometra incursata

Geometra indigata

Geometra innotata

Geometra insconspicuaria

Geometra inturbata

Geometra irriguata

Geometra jacularia

Geometra jourdanaria

Geometra juniperata

Geometra lacernaria

Geometra laevigaria

Geometra lapidata

Geometra lentisoaria

Geometra leucophaearia

Geometra lichenaria

Geometra lignata

Geometra ligustrata

Geometra limbaria

Geometra limosaria

Geometra linariata

Geometra linearia

Geometra lineolota

Geometra lituraria

Geometra lituraria

Geometra lividaria

Geometra lobulata

Geometra luctuata

Geometra lunaria

Geometra lunaria

Geometra lunaria

Geometra lutearia

Geometra lythoxylata

Geometra macularia

Geometra margaritaria

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