BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Geometra dilutaria --> Geometra hastata
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Geometra dilutaria

Geometra dilutata

Geometra disparata

Geometra diversaria

Geometra dolabraria

Geometra donzelaria

Geometra dubitata

Geometra duplicaria

Geometra duplicata

Geometra duponchelaria

Geometra elinguaria

Geometra elutata

Geometra elutata

Geometra emarginaria

Geometra emucidaria

Geometra emutaria

Geometra enphorbiaria

Geometra erosaria

Geometra erosaria

Geometra evonymaria

Geometra evonymaria

Geometra exalbata

Geometra exiguata

Geometra extersaria

Geometra extimaria

Geometra extremata

Geometra faecataria

Geometra fasciaria

Geometra fasciaria

Geometra favillacearia

Geometra ferrugata

Geometra ferrugata

Geometra filicata

Geometra fimbriolaria

Geometra firmata

Geometra flaveolaria

Geometra flavicaria

Geometra flavicinctata

Geometra flexularia

Geometra fluctuata

Geometra fluviata

Geometra fulvata

Geometra fumidaria

Geometra funerata

Geometra furvaria

Geometra fuscaria

Geometra galiata

Geometra gemmata

Geometra gesticularia

Geometra gilvaria

Geometra gilvaria

Geometra glabraria

Geometra glabraria

Geometra glarearia

Geometra glaucinaria

Geometra grisearia

Geometra grossulariaria

Geometra gyraria

Geometra gyrata

Geometra hastata

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