BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Geometra cineraria --> Geometra dilutaria
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Geometra cineraria

Geometra cinetaria

Geometra cingularia

Geometra circuitaria

Geometra citraria

Geometra citriaria

Geometra clathraria

Geometra cloraria

Geometra clusterata

Geometra coarctata

Geometra collata

Geometra comitata

Geometra commutataria

Geometra concordaria

Geometra concordiaria

Geometra congeneraria

Geometra consignata

Geometra consobrinaria

Geometra consonaria

Geometra consortaria

Geometra conspersaria

Geometra conspicuaria

Geometra contaminaria

Geometra contaureata

Geometra contiguaria

Geometra conversaria

Geometra conversaria

Geometra coraciata

Geometra cordiaria

Geometra cordiaria

Geometra coronata

Geometra coronillaria

Geometra corticaria

Geometra crataegaria

Geometra crepuscularia

Geometra cribaria

Geometra cruentaria

Geometra cupressata

Geometra cyanata

Geometra cythisaria

Geometra dealbaria

Geometra dealbata

Geometra debiliata

Geometra debiliata

Geometra decolorata

Geometra decoraria

Geometra decussaria

Geometra defoliaria

Geometra defoliaria

Geometra degeneraria

Geometra degenerata

Geometra delunaria

Geometra delunaria

Geometra denotata

Geometra dentaria

Geometra derivata

Geometra dianaria

Geometra dilectaria

Geometra dilucidaria

Geometra dilutaria

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