BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Geometra angularia --> Geometra chrysitaria
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Geometra angularia

Geometra angularia

Geometra antophilaria

Geometra apiciaria

Geometra aptata

Geometra aquata

Geometra aqueata

Geometra arcuaria

Geometra arenacearia

Geometra artesiaria

Geometra asetivaria

Geometra asinata

Geometra asperaria

Geometra atomaria

Geometra atomaria

Geometra aurantiaria

Geometra aureolaria

Geometra auritaria

Geometra auroraria

Geometra aversaria

Geometra aversaria

Geometra badiata

Geometra bajaria

Geometra bajularia

Geometra belgiaria

Geometra berberata

Geometra betularia

Geometra bilineata

Geometra bipunctata

Geometra bischoffaria

Geometra blandiata

Geometra boreata

Geometra breviculata

Geometra brumata

Geometra brumata

Geometra brumata

Geometra bupleuraria

Geometra caesiata

Geometra calabraria

Geometra calabraria

Geometra calabraria

Geometra caliginearia

Geometra canaria

Geometra cancellaria

Geometra candidaria

Geometra capreolaria

Geometra cararia

Geometra carbonaria

Geometra carbonaria

Geometra carpinaria

Geometra castigata

Geometra cebraria

Geometra centauroata

Geometra certata

Geometra cervinata

Geometra cervinata

Geometra chaerophyllata

Geometra chalybeata

Geometra chenopodiata

Geometra chrysitaria

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