BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Colombella ilaira --> Colombella oselmonta
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Colombella ilaira

Colombella impolita

Colombella ionida

Colombella iphis

Colombella isomella

Colombella japix

Colombella jaspidea

Colombella kieneria

Colombella kirostra

Colombella krausii

Colombella labiosa

Colombella lactea

Colombella laevigata

Colombella lanceolata

Colombella lepida

Colombella leucozia

Colombella levania

Colombella levigata

Colombella ligula

Colombella linigera

Colombella lugubris

Colombella lunata

Colombella lutea

Colombella luteola

Colombella lyrata

Colombella lysidia

Colombella lysiska

Colombella maculosa

Colombella maozima

Colombella marginata

Colombella melanida

Colombella meleagris

Colombella meleagris

Colombella melida

Colombella menaletta

Colombella mercatoria

Colombella metanira

Colombella miser

Colombella moleculina

Colombella monilifera

Colombella nana

Colombella nasioletta

Colombella naxia

Colombella neptunia

Colombella nigricans

Colombella nisitella

Colombella nitida

Colombella nivea

Colombella nodalina

Colombella numicia

Colombella nycteis

Colombella nympha

Colombella obscura

Colombella obtusa

Colombella ophonia

Colombella orasya

Colombella orphia

Colombella ortigia

Colombella ortonia

Colombella oselmonta

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