BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Colombella azora --> Colombella idulina
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Colombella azora

Colombella belizana

Colombella bellardii

Colombella bicanaliculata

Colombella bicolor

Colombella blanda

Colombella boivinii

Colombella broderipii

Colombella buccinoides

Colombella castanea

Colombella chlorostoma

Colombella chrisopsis

Colombella clausilia

Colombella cledonida

Colombella cleta

Colombella coniformis

Colombella corniculata

Colombella coronata

Colombella coronata

Colombella costata

Colombella costellata

Colombella cribraria

Colombella curta

Colombella daliola

Colombella decussata

Colombella denticulata

Colombella dichroa

Colombella dormitor

Colombella dorsata

Colombella duclosiana

Colombella edonida

Colombella egeria

Colombella electona

Colombella elegans

Colombella empamella

Colombella epidelia

Colombella erebia

Colombella fabula

Colombella faleonta

Colombella fascellina

Colombella fasciata

Colombella festiva

Colombella filosa

Colombella flavida

Colombella flexuosa

Colombella fluctuosa

Colombella fulva

Colombella gervilii

Colombella gibberula

Colombella gibbosa

Colombella guildingii

Colombella guttata

Colombella gutturosa

Colombella haemastoma

Colombella harpiformis

Colombella ida

Colombella idalina

Colombella idosia

Colombella idulia

Colombella idulina

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