BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Colombella ovulata --> Colombella terpsichora
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Colombella ovulata

Colombella oxillia

Colombella padonosta

Colombella paecila

Colombella palmerina

Colombella palmerina

Colombella pamila

Colombella pardalina

Colombella pariolida

Colombella parva

Colombella paytalida

Colombella pellonia

Colombella pelotina

Colombella phasinola

Colombella philia

Colombella philodicia

Colombella phylina

Colombella plutonida

Colombella pretrii

Colombella prosymnia

Colombella psilla

Colombella psilla

Colombella puella

Colombella pulchella

Colombella pulcherrima

Colombella punctata

Colombella pusilla

Colombella pygmaea

Colombella quintilia

Colombella rasolia

Colombella recurva

Colombella rubicondula

Colombella rugulosa

Colombella rumilia

Colombella rustica

Colombella satorida

Colombella scalarina

Colombella scripta

Colombella segestea

Colombella semi-convexa

Colombella semi-punctata

Colombella simpronia

Colombella sowerbyi

Colombella spicula

Colombella splendidula

Colombella spongiarum

Colombella strenella

Colombella striata

Colombella striata

Colombella strombiformis

Colombella subulata

Colombella subulata

Colombella suffusa

Colombella sulcata

Colombella sulcosa

Colombella syria

Colombella tamelena

Colombella telea

Colombella teophania

Colombella terpsichora

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