BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Oliva neostina --> Oliva textilina
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Oliva neostina

Oliva neostina

Oliva nilotida

Oliva nitelina

Oliva nitidula

Oliva obesina

Oliva octavia

Oliva olorinella

Oliva olympiadina

Oliva onaxis

Oliva oniska

Oliva oriola

Oliva oriolidia

Oliva oryza

Oliva osidia

Oliva othonia

Oliva ozodona

Oliva padolida

Oliva panniculata

Oliva peruviana

Oliva petiolita

Oliva philantha

Oliva phillippsii

Oliva picholina

Oliva pindarina

Oliva pindarina

Oliva pintamella

Oliva pipita

Oliva polpasta

Oliva ponderosa

Oliva ponderosa

Oliva porphyria

Oliva puelcha

Oliva pulchella

Oliva pupa

Oliva quersolina

Oliva rafula

Oliva razamola

Oliva reticularis

Oliva rosolina

Oliva salisburiana

Oliva sanguinolenta

Oliva sanguinolenta

Oliva scripta

Oliva scripta

Oliva selasia

Oliva siamensis

Oliva sidelia

Oliva splenidula

Oliva staminea

Oliva stellata

Oliva subulata

Oliva subulata

Oliva suturalis

Oliva sylvia

Oliva tehuelcha

Oliva tergina

Oliva tessellata

Oliva testacea

Oliva textilina

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