BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Oliva elegans --> Oliva nedulina
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Oliva elegans

Oliva emeliodina

Oliva episcopalis

Oliva eridona

Oliva erythrostoma

Oliva erythrostoma

Oliva esiodina

Oliva esmilota

Oliva esther

Oliva evania

Oliva fallotina

Oliva flammulata

Oliva flammulata

Oliva flaveola

Oliva fusiformis

Oliva fusiformis

Oliva galeola

Oliva gaysiana

Oliva gracilis

Oliva hemiltona

Oliva hiatula

Oliva hiatula

Oliva hiatula

Oliva inflata

Oliva isirans

Oliva isis

Oliva ispidula

Oliva jaspidea

Oliva julieta

Oliva kaleontina

Oliva laumentiana

Oliva lepida

Oliva lepta

Oliva leucostoma

Oliva litterata

Oliva lugubris

Oliva macleaya

Oliva macleaya

Oliva maculata

Oliva mandarina

Oliva mantichora

Oliva marminii

Oliva masaris

Oliva maura

Oliva maura

Oliva maura

Oliva memnonia

Oliva mica

Oliva miliola

Oliva millepunctata

Oliva minima

Oliva miriadina

Oliva mitreola

Oliva mustelina

Oliva mutica

Oliva mygdonia

Oliva myodia

Oliva nana

Oliva natalia

Oliva nedulina

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