BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Helix macularia --> Helix verticillus
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Helix macularia

Helix madagascariensis

Helix maritima

Helix matruelis

Helix melanostoma

Helix melanotragus

Helix microstoma

Helix monozonalis

Helix monticula

Helix muralis

Helix mutata

Helix niciensis

Helix nitida

Helix obvoluta

Helix olivetorum

Helix pan

Helix papilla

Helix pellis-serpentis

Helix personata

Helix peruviana

Helix picta

Helix pileus

Helix pisana

Helix planorbella

Helix planorbula

Helix planorbula

Helix planospira

Helix planulata

Helix plebeium

Helix plicatula

Helix polyzonalis

Helix pomatia

Helix pulchella

Helix pulcherrima

Helix pulla

Helix punctifera

Helix pyramidata

Helix richardi

Helix richardi

Helix rotundata

Helix rugosa

Helix rugosa

Helix scabra

Helix senegalensis

Helix serpentina

Helix setiger

Helix simplex

Helix sinuata

Helix sinuata

Helix sphaerica

Helix splendida

Helix striata

Helix strigata

Helix sylvatica

Helix unidentata

Helix valenciennesii

Helix variablis

Helix velutina

Helix velutina

Helix verticillus

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