BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Helix Maculosa --> Helix lucana
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Helix Maculosa

Helix Ungulina

Helix alauda

Helix algura

Helix apicina

Helix apicina

Helix arbustorum

Helix argilacea

Helix avellana

Helix barbadensis

Helix bidentalis

Helix bonplandi

Helix bonplandii

Helix candidissima

Helix carabinata

Helix cariosa

Helix carthusiana

Helix carthusianella

Helix cellaria

Helix cepa

Helix cespitum

Helix cidaris

Helix cidaris

Helix cinctella

Helix citrina

Helix coelatura

Helix concolor

Helix concolor

Helix conica

Helix conoïdea

Helix conspurcata

Helix contorta

Helix cookiana

Helix cornea

Helix crenulata

Helix decipiens

Helix diodonta

Helix discolor

Helix ericetorum

Helix extensa

Helix fenestrata

Helix fruticum

Helix galactites

Helix gigantea

Helix globulus

Helix guttata

Helix haemastoma

Helix heteroclites

Helix hippocastanum

Helix hispida

Helix incarnata

Helix intersecta

Helix intorta

Helix labrella

Helix lactea

Helix latitans

Helix lineolata

Helix linguifera

Helix linguifera

Helix lucana

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