BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Bulimus subsemiclausus --> Byrrhus ater
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Bulimus subsemiclausus

Bulimus succinoides

Bulimus sultanus

Bulimus thamnoica

Bulimus tupacii

Bulimus virgatus

Bulimus vittatus

Bungarus fasciatus


Bunodes monilifera

Bunodes thallia

Bupalus piniarius

Bupalus piniarius

Buphus bubulcus

Buphus ralloides

Buphus ralloides

Buprestis 8-guttata

Buprestis aurulenta

Buprestis austriaca

Buprestis biguttata

Buprestis candens

Buprestis cyanicornis

Buprestis decostigma

Buprestis decostigma

Buprestis flavomaculata

Buprestis graminis

Buprestis haemorrhoidalis

Buprestis laeta

Buprestis linearis

Buprestis lugubris

Buprestis maculata

Buprestis manca

Buprestis mariana

Buprestis nitidula

Buprestis pruni

Buprestis quercus

Buprestis rubi

Buprestis rustica

Buprestis rutilans

Buprestis salicis

Buprestis sinuata

Buprestis taeniata

Buprestis viridis

Bursada cleis

Bursada maculifera

Bursada magata

Bursada minor

Buselaphus oreas

Butalis grisola

Butalis sinensis

Buteo ferox

Buteo hemolasius

Buteo pyrrhogenys

Buteo vulgaris japonicus

Buteo vulgaris japonicus

Byctiscus betulae

Byctiscus populi

Byrrhus aeneus

Byrrhus aeneus

Byrrhus ater

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