BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Bryophila leucorrhiza --> Bulimus sporadicus
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Bryophila leucorrhiza

Bryophila perla

Bryophila perla

Bryophila velutina

Bryoptera lecideata

Bryoptera panteata

Bubalis caama

Bubas bison

Bubo africanus

Bubo ascalaphus

Bubo bubo

Bubo bubo

Bubo bubo

Bubo bubo

Bubo bubo

Bubo ignavus

Bubo maximus


Buccinum undatum

Buccinum undatum

Buceros bicornis

Buceros plicatus

Bucorvus abyssinicus

Budides rayi

Budites cinerocapilla

Budites flava

Budites nigricapilla

Bufo calamita

Bufo viridis

Bufo vulgaris

Bugula flabellata

Bulimina inflata

Bulimina marginata

Bulimina spinulosa

Bulimus abyssorum

Bulimus albus

Bulimus bengalensis

Bulimus brephoides

Bulimus cora

Bulimus costerii

Bulimus favannii

Bulimus fragilis

Bulimus goudotii

Bulimus gravesii

Bulimus guadaloupensis

Bulimus inca

Bulimus inflatus

Bulimus lychnorum

Bulimus malleatus

Bulimus melo

Bulimus mexicanus

Bulimus multifasciatus

Bulimus mutabilis

Bulimus nucleus

Bulimus onca

Bulimus opalinus

Bulimus powisianus

Bulimus princeps

Bulimus rosaceus

Bulimus sporadicus

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