BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Botys cirrosalis --> Brachypterus urticae
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Botys cirrosalis

Botys collaris

Botys concolor

Botys devialis

Botys eoidalis

Botys frustalis

Botys fugalis

Botys galbula

Botys heliacalis

Botys hercules

Botys isaralis

Botys lentalis

Botys linalis

Botys machinalis

Botys mactalis

Botys mahanga

Botys maorialis

Botys metallescens

Botys moluccalis

Botys oblinalis

Botys octoguttalis

Botys opalisans

Botys orbitalis

Botys otagalis

Botys palmalis

Botys pangialis

Botys pelialis

Botys perticalis

Botys phryganurus

Botys proceralis

Botys repandalis

Botys rufinalis

Botys ruralis

Botys spilosoma

Botys triumphalis

Botys urticata

Botys vanalis

Botys witialis

Bougainvillea fruticosa

Box vulgaris


Brachinus crepitans

Brachinus crepitans

Brachinus crepitans

Brachinus explodens

Brachinus mutillatus

Brachinus psophia

Brachiolophus collaris

Brachionus bakeri

Brachonyx indigena

Brachyderes incanus

Brachyderes incanus

Brachylacon murinus

Brachylacon murinus

Brachylia terebroides

Brachyotus capensis

Brachyotus palustris

Brachypterus glaber

Brachypterus urticae

Brachypterus urticae

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