BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Bos pumilus --> Botys chilialis
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Bos pumilus

Bos taurus

Bos taurus

Bos taurus

Bos taurus

Bostrichus bidens

Bostrichus brevis

Bostrichus chalcographus

Bostrichus chalcographus

Bostrichus chalcographus

Bostrichus crenatus

Bostrichus cylindrus

Bostrichus flavipes

Bostrichus fraxini

Bostrichus laricis

Bostrichus micrographus

Bostrichus minutus

Bostrichus piniperda

Bostrichus poligraphus

Bostrichus pubescens

Bostrichus scolytus

Bostrichus serratus

Bostrichus testaceus

Bostrichus thoracicus

Bostrichus typographus

Bostrichus villosus

Bostrychus capucinus

Bostrychus chalcographus

Bostrychus curvidens

Bostrychus dispar

Bostrychus laricis

Bostrychus monographus

Bostrychus stenographus

Bostrychus typographus

Bostrychus typographus

Botaurus stellaris

Bothrideres contractus

Bothrideres contractus

Bothriocephalus latus

Bothynoderes punctiventris

Botrylloides purpureus

Botryllus albicans

Botryllus helloborus

Botryllus marionis

Botryllus polycyclus

Botryllus rubigo

Botryllus sp.

Botyodes flavibasalis

Botys abruptalis

Botys abruptalis

Botys albiceps

Botys ardealis

Botys atyrialis

Botys augustalis

Botys beatalis

Botys bornealis

Botys candacalis

Botys carnifex

Botys caudalis

Botys chilialis

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