BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Ammonites obtusus --> Ammonites rotiformis
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Ammonites obtusus

Ammonites obtusus

Ammonites omphaloides

Ammonites ooliticus

Ammonites ophiodes

Ammonites ophiurus

Ammonites opulentus

Ammonites ornatus

Ammonites pailleteanus

Ammonites pallasianus

Ammonites panderi

Ammonites panderi

Ammonites papalis

Ammonites parandieri

Ammonites parkinsoni

Ammonites parkinsoni

Ammonites parvus

Ammonites peramplus

Ammonites peramplus

Ammonites perarmatus

Ammonites pheatilis

Ammonites philipsi

Ammonites pictaviensis

Ammonites picturatus

Ammonites planicosta

Ammonites planicosta

Ammonites planorbis

Ammonites planula

Ammonites planulatus

Ammonites planulatus

Ammonites plicomphalus

Ammonites pollux

Ammonites polymorphus

Ammonites pretiosus

Ammonites primordialis

Ammonites proboscidens

Ammonites proboscidens

Ammonites prosperianus

Ammonites pulchellus

Ammonites pustulatus

Ammonites puzosianus

Ammonites pygmeus

Ammonites quadratus

Ammonites quadrisulcatus

Ammonites quercifolius

Ammonites radians

Ammonites radiatus

Ammonites raquinianus

Ammonites raresulcatus

Ammonites raricostatus

Ammonites raulinianus

Ammonites recticostatus

Ammonites regnardi

Ammonites regularis

Ammonites renauxianus

Ammonites requienianus

Ammonites rhotomagensis

Ammonites rostratus

Ammonites rothomagensis

Ammonites rotiformis

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