BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Ammonites lafresnayanus --> Ammonites nutfieldensis
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Ammonites lafresnayanus

Ammonites laigneletii

Ammonites lamberti

Ammonites lamellosus

Ammonites largilhertianus

Ammonites latiforsatus

Ammonites lautus

Ammonites lautus

Ammonites leachi

Ammonites leopoldinus

Ammonites lepidus

Ammonites lewensiensis

Ammonites lewesiensis

Ammonites liassicus

Ammonites ligatus

Ammonites linguiferus

Ammonites linneanus

Ammonites listeri

Ammonites longispinus

Ammonites loscombi

Ammonites loscourbi

Ammonites lunula

Ammonites lyelli

Ammonites lynx

Ammonites macilentus

Ammonites macrocephalus

Ammonites mammilaris

Ammonites mammilaris

Ammonites mantelli

Ammonites mantelli

Ammonites marchinsonae

Ammonites margaritatus

Ammonites martinii

Ammonites martinsii

Ammonites masseanus

Ammonites maugenestii

Ammonites mayorianus

Ammonites metheronii

Ammonites meyendorfei

Ammonites michelianus

Ammonites microstoma

Ammonites milletianus

Ammonites mimatensis

Ammonites minutus

Ammonites monile

Ammonites moreanus

Ammonites morelianus

Ammonites mucronatus

Ammonites multicostata

Ammonites murchisoni

Ammonites mutabilis

Ammonites muticus

Ammonites navicularis

Ammonites neocomiensis

Ammonites niortensis

Ammonites nisus

Ammonites nodosocostatus

Ammonites nodotianus

Ammonites normanianus

Ammonites nutfieldensis

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