of wild potato species (section Petota)
collected by the Andean expedition 1959
of the Max-Planck-Institut
für Züchtungsforschung (MPIZ)
and completed by exsiccates from other
collectors which were thankfully received from H. Brücher, D. Correl,
W. Hoffmann and many other colleagues,
mentioned in the table.

Hans Ross
Rudolf Rimpau
Werner Hoffmann
D. Correll
C. Ochoa
H. Brücher
J.G. Hawkes
J.P. Hjerting
Kurt Stüber

See also the short report on the 1959 expedition or the extensive expedition description (in German). The herbarium now resides in the Institut fuer Kulturpflanzenforschung in Gatersleben (Germany). Most photos available from herbarium specimens were taken by Kurt Stüber in Gatersleben in 1996 and 1997

This page has been prepared from Material provided by Prof. Dr. Hans Ross by Kurt Stüber (June. 1996).
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