BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Tenthredo cephalotes --> Tenthredo sylvatica
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Tenthredo cephalotes

Tenthredo cincta

Tenthredo coryli

Tenthredo crassa

Tenthredo cylindrica

Tenthredo depressa

Tenthredo difformis

Tenthredo dorsata

Tenthredo duodecimpunctata

Tenthredo enodis

Tenthredo ephippium

Tenthredo equestris

Tenthredo erythrocephala

Tenthredo fagi

Tenthredo fasciata

Tenthredo femorata

Tenthredo flavicornis

Tenthredo fulvicornis

Tenthredo furcata

Tenthredo germanica

Tenthredo gonagra

Tenthredo haematopus

Tenthredo haematopus

Tenthredo juniperi

Tenthredo laeta

Tenthredo livida

Tenthredo lucida

Tenthredo lutea

Tenthredo luteicornis

Tenthredo lutescens

Tenthredo marginata

Tenthredo marginella

Tenthredo melanocephala

Tenthredo miliaris

Tenthredo montana

Tenthredo morio

Tenthredo myosotidis

Tenthredo nassata

Tenthredo nigra

Tenthredo notata

Tenthredo obscura

Tenthredo opaca

Tenthredo ovata

Tenthredo pagana

Tenthredo pedestris

Tenthredo punctum

Tenthredo punctum

Tenthredo ribis

Tenthredo rosae

Tenthredo rufa

Tenthredo rufiventris

Tenthredo scrophulariae

Tenthredo scutellaris

Tenthredo semicincta

Tenthredo septentrionalis

Tenthredo sericea

Tenthredo sericea

Tenthredo sylvarum

Tenthredo sylvarum

Tenthredo sylvatica

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