BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Sertularia argentea --> Siliquaria australis
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Sertularia argentea

Sertularia argentea

Sesarma haematocheir

Sesia apiformis

Sesia asiliformis

Sesia bombyliformis

Sesia chrysidiformis

Sesia fuciformis

Setina irrorella

Setina mesomella

Setina ramosa

Setinochroa infumata

Setiostoma flaviceps

Setiostoma haemitheia

Sibinia phalerata

Sibinia viscariae

Sibynes primitus

Siculodes amethystea

Siculodes carneola

Siculodes cinereola

Siculodes fulviceps

Siculodes glareola

Siculodes lunula

Siculodes punctum

Siculodes roseola

Siculodes sterna

Siculodes strigatula

Siculodes striola

Siculodes xanthina

Siderone thebais

Sigara coleoptrata

Sigara striata

Sigaretus canaliculatus

Sigaretus clathratus

Sigaretus concavus

Sigaretus delessertii

Sigaretus haliotoïdeus

Sigaretus italicus

Sigaretus javanicus

Sigaretus laevigatus

Sigaretus lamarckianus

Sigaretus leachii

Sigaretus leachii

Sigaretus levesquei

Sigaretus linneanus

Sigaretus listeri

Sigaretus maculatus

Sigaretus mamillaris

Sigaretus neritoideus

Sigaretus neritoideus

Sigaretus papillus

Sigaretus perspectivus

Sigaretus petitii

Sigaretus planulatus

Sigaretus sulcatus

Sigaretus turonicus

Sigaretus unifasciatus

Sigaretus zonalis

Siliquaria anguina

Siliquaria australis

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