BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Scarabaeus emarginatus --> Scarabaeus testaceus
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Scarabaeus emarginatus

Scarabaeus equestris

Scarabaeus erraticus

Scarabaeus fabuleti

Scarabaeus fimetarius

Scarabaeus flavipes

Scarabaeus foetens

Scarabaeus foetidus

Scarabaeus foriorum

Scarabaeus fossor

Scarabaeus furcatus

Scarabaeus geoffroyae

Scarabaeus globosus

Scarabaeus granarius

Scarabaeus haemorrhoidalis

Scarabaeus inquinatus

Scarabaeus laticollis

Scarabaeus lemur

Scarabaeus limicola

Scarabaeus lunaris

Scarabaeus luridus

Scarabaeus lutarius

Scarabaeus medius

Scarabaeus merdarius

Scarabaeus mobilicornis

Scarabaeus nasicornis

Scarabaeus niger

Scarabaeus nigripes

Scarabaeus nubilus

Scarabaeus nuchicornis

Scarabaeus nutans

Scarabaeus ovatus

Scarabaeus pecari

Scarabaeus plagiatus

Scarabaeus porcatus

Scarabaeus pusillus

Scarabaeus pusillus

Scarabaeus quadridens

Scarabaeus quadrimaculatus

Scarabaeus quadripustulatus

Scarabaeus quisquilius

Scarabaeus rufipes

Scarabaeus sacer

Scarabaeus sanguinolentus

Scarabaeus schaefferi

Scarabaeus schreberi

Scarabaeus scrofa

Scarabaeus scrutator

Scarabaeus scybalarius

Scarabaeus semicornis

Scarabaeus sordidus

Scarabaeus sphacelatus

Scarabaeus stercorarius

Scarabaeus sticticus

Scarabaeus subterraneus

Scarabaeus sus

Scarabaeus sylvaticus

Scarabaeus taurus

Scarabaeus terrestris

Scarabaeus testaceus

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