BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Rhynchaenus haemorrhoidalis --> Rosema demorsa
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Rhynchaenus haemorrhoidalis

Rhynchaenus rubicundus

Rhynchaenus scanicus

Rhynchaenus signatus


Rhynchites aeneovirens

Rhynchites aequatus

Rhynchites auratus

Rhynchites bacchus

Rhynchites betulae

Rhynchites betulae

Rhynchites betuleti

Rhynchites coeruleocephalus

Rhynchites cupreus

Rhynchites cupreus

Rhynchites mannerheimi

Rhynchites nanus

Rhynchites populi

Rhynchites populi

Rhynchites pubescens

Rhynchites tristis

Rhynchonella eucharis

Rhynchonella inaurita

Rhynchonella nigricans

Rhynchonella nympha

Rhynchonella oblita

Rhynchonella psittacea

Rhynchophorus schach

Rhynchopyga ichneumonea

Rhynchotus rufescens

Rhyncolus chloropus

Rhyncolus culinaris

Rhyncolus cylindricus

Rhyncolus lignarius

Rhyncolus truncorum

Rhynocyllus conicus

Rhyparia fenerata

Rhyparia purpurata

Rhysodes sulcatus

Rhyssemus germanus

Rhyssodes sulcatus

Rhytidosoma globulus

Rhytidosomus globulus

Riolus cupreus

Riolus nitens

Riolus sodalis

Riolus subviolaceus

Ripiphorus angulatus

Ripiphorus carinthiacus

Ripiphorus paradoxus

Ripiphorus subdipterus

Rissa tridactyla

Rissoa costata

Rivula palliceps

Rollulus roulroul

Rosalia alpina

Rosalia alpina

Rosalia alpina

Rosema costalis

Rosema demorsa

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