BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Peritelus sphaeroides --> Perrectaria struthionipennalla
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Peritelus sphaeroides

Perodicticus potto

Peronea albana

Peronea albicostana

Peronea albipunctana

Peronea albistriana

Peronea albovittana

Peronea asperana

Peronea autumnana

Peronea bistriana

Peronea borana

Peronea brunneana

Peronea byringerana

Peronea capucina

Peronea centrovittana

Peronea chantana

Peronea combustana

Peronea consimilana

Peronea coronana

Peronea cristalana

Peronea cristana

Peronea desfontainana

Peronea divisana

Peronea favillaceana

Peronea fulvocristana

Peronea fulvovittana

Peronea insulana

Peronea latifasciana

Peronea leachiana

Peronea leucophaeana

Peronea logiana

Peronea marmorana

Peronea obsoletana

Peronea plumbana

Peronea profanana

Peronea radiana

Peronea ramostriana

Peronea reticulana

Peronea rufana

Peronea ruficostana

Peronea schalleriana

Peronea semiustana

Peronea similana

Peronea spadiceana

Peronea striana

Peronea strigana

Peronea subcristalana

Peronea subcristana

Peronea substriana

Peronea subvittana

Peronea trigonana

Peronea tristana

Peronea umbrana

Peronea variegana

Peronea vittana

Perophora sanguinolenta

Perophora strigifera

Perotis lugubris

Perotis lugubris

Perrectaria struthionipennalla

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