BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Papilio maturna --> Papilio rubi
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Papilio maturna

Papilio maturna

Papilio medon

Papilio megera

Papilio melampus

Papilio melanthus

Papilio melibaeus

Papilio minimus

Papilio mnemon

Papilio mnemosyne

Papilio musarion

Papilio napi

Papilio nephele

Papilio nicanor

Papilio nymphalis antiopa

Papilio nymphalis cynara

Papilio nymphalis euphrosine

Papilio nymphalis io

Papilio nymphalis paphia

Papilio nymphalis polychloros

Papilio nymphalis v-album

Papilio nymphalis-ilia

Papilio nymphalis-iris

Papilio nymphalis-selene

Papilio oculatus-hampstediensis ex aureo fuscus

Papilio osyris

Papilio palaeno

Papilio pamphilus

Papilio paniscus

Papilio paphia

Papilio parnassius-crataegi

Papilio pegasus

Papilio penthesilaus

Papilio philomela

Papilio philoxenus

Papilio phlaeas

Papilio phynichus

Papilio pilosella

Papilio pilosellae

Papilio pisander

Papilio podalirius

Papilio podalirius

Papilio podalirius

Papilio polychloros

Papilio polydama

Papilio polymeda

Papilio polymeda

Papilio polypbron

Papilio polyzelus

Papilio prexaspes

Papilio principissa

Papilio pruni

Papilio pruni

Papilio pseudolus

Papilio quercus

Papilio rama

Papilio rapae

Papilio regina

Papilio rhamni

Papilio rubi

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