BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Papilio argus --> Papilio eritbalion
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Papilio argus

Papilio argus

Papilio argus

Papilio argus-marginatus

Papilio argyrognomon

Papilio arion

Papilio aristagoras

Papilio aristomenes

Papilio arruanus

Papilio artemis

Papilio atalanta

Papilio athalia

Papilio auaximenes

Papilio bachus

Papilio bellargus

Papilio bepbaestion

Papilio bermocrates

Papilio betulae

Papilio blandina

Papilio blumei

Papilio brassicae

Papilio brontes

Papilio c-album

Papilio calaethis

Papilio camilla

Papilio candidus

Papilio cardamines

Papilio cardui

Papilio cardui-virginiensis

Papilio ceronus

Papilio cincia

Papilio cleobis

Papilio comma

Papilio comma

Papilio coroebus

Papilio crataegi

Papilio criton

Papilio ctesias

Papilio cymon

Papilio daedalus

Papilio danaus palaeno

Papilio danaus-cardamines

Papilio danaus-cleopatra

Papilio danaus-cleopatra

Papilio danaus-daplidice

Papilio danaus-edusa

Papilio danaus-eupheno

Papilio danaus-eupheno

Papilio danaus-hyale

Papilio danaus-sinapis

Papilio daplidice

Papilio davus

Papilio delia

Papilio dia

Papilio dictynna

Papilio dispar

Papilio ecbion

Papilio edusa

Papilio electra

Papilio eritbalion

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