BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Nautilus giganteus --> Necrophorus mortuorum
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Nautilus giganteus

Nautilus granulosus

Nautilus gravesianus

Nautilus hexagonus

Nautilus imperialis

Nautilus inflatus

Nautilus inornatus

Nautilus intermedius

Nautilus laevigatus

Nautilus lamarckii

Nautilus largilliertianus

Nautilus latidorsatus

Nautilus lineatus

Nautilus moreausus

Nautilus multicarinatus

Nautilus neocomiensis

Nautilus obesis

Nautilus pentagonus

Nautilus polygonalis

Nautilus pompilius

Nautilus pseudoelegans

Nautilus pumpilius

Nautilus radiatus

Nautilus regalis

Nautilus requienanus

Nautilus semistriatus

Nautilus simplex

Nautilus sinuatus

Nautilus sowergyanus

Nautilus striatus

Nautilus sulcatus

Nautilus triangularis

Nautilus truncatus

Nautilus umbilicaris

Nautilus umbilicatus

Nautilus undulatus

Nautilus valenciennesii

Nautilus woodwardii

Nautilus ziczac

Navicula excavata

Navicula lyra

Navicula wrightii

Nebria brevicollis

Nebria brevicollis

Nebria dahli

Nebria gyllenhali

Nebria gyllenhali var. arctica

Nebria hellwigi

Nebria jockischi

Nebria livida

Nebria livida var. lateralis

Nebria picicornis

Necrobia ruficollis

Necrobia rufipes

Necrobia violacea

Necrodes littoralis

Necrophilus subterraneus

Necrophorus germanicus

Necrophorus humator

Necrophorus mortuorum

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