BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Mus agrarius --> Musca taeniata
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Mus agrarius

Mus barbarus

Mus decumanus

Mus musculus

Mus rattus

Mus sylvaticus

Musca arcuata

Musca arcuata

Musca aristata

Musca brachyptera

Musca brassicaria

Musca carbonaria

Musca conica

Musca continua

Musca costata

Musca cothurnata

Musca cynophila

Musca dimidiata

Musca ephippium

Musca erythrophthalma

Musca femorata

Musca fera

Musca flava

Musca flavicans

Musca flavifrons

Musca formosa

Musca gangraenosa

Musca grossa

Musca grossa

Musca grossa

Musca halterata

Musca hyalinata

Musca jacobeae

Musca lanio

Musca lateralis

Musca leptogaster

Musca leucocephala

Musca leucozona

Musca libatrix

Musca ludifica

Musca maculata

Musca marginata

Musca meditabunda

Musca meridiana

Musca meridiana

Musca meteorica

Musca nebulosa

Musca nigripes

Musca nigripes

Musca pellucens

Musca rotundata

Musca rufa

Musca rufifrons

Musca rufifrons

Musca rufipes

Musca semiflava

Musca solstitialis

Musca stellata

Musca stigma

Musca taeniata

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