BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Lycaena arion --> Lychnaspis miranda
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Lycaena arion

Lycaena arion

Lycaena arruana

Lycaena artaxerxes

Lycaena athena

Lycaena baetica

Lycaena beroe

Lycaena betulae

Lycaena biocellata

Lycaena brahmina

Lycaena caelius

Lycaena cagaya

Lycaena caledonica

Lycaena cleodus

Lycaena corydon

Lycaena corydon

Lycaena cyllarus

Lycaena cymon

Lycaena diluta

Lycaena dispar

Lycaena dorylas

Lycaena hymetus

Lycaena idas

Lycaena ilissus

Lycaena inops

Lycaena kangena

Lycaena kinkurka

Lycaena kondulana

Lycaena macrophthalma

Lycaena metallica

Lycaena mindarus

Lycaena mindora

Lycaena negus

Lycaena nemea

Lycaena nora

Lycaena oxleyi

Lycaena pactolus

Lycaena palmyra

Lycaena perusia

Lycaena philostratus

Lycaena phlaeas

Lycaena pindus

Lycaena podarce

Lycaena praxiteles

Lycaena pruni

Lycaena quercus

Lycaena sagittigera

Lycaena sericina

Lycaena sonorensis

Lycaena stoliezkana

Lycaena strongyle

Lycaena suidas

Lycaena taygetus

Lycaena w-album

Lycaena wallacei

Lycaena zelmira

Lycaene amphissa

Lycaenopsis ananga

Lycaon pictus

Lychnaspis miranda

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