BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Harpa articularis --> Harpia erminea
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Harpa articularis

Harpa coniodalis

Harpa imperialis

Harpa minor

Harpa minor

Harpa mutica

Harpa nobilis

Harpa nobilis

Harpa rivoliana

Harpa rosea

Harpa striata

Harpa ventricosa

Harpa ventricosa

Harpa ventricosa

Harpalus aeneus

Harpalus aeneus

Harpalus anxius

Harpalus atratus

Harpalus autumnalis

Harpalus azureus

Harpalus cupreus

Harpalus dimidiatus

Harpalus distinguendus

Harpalus fröhlichi

Harpalus fuliginosus

Harpalus fuscipalpis

Harpalus hirtipes

Harpalus honestus

Harpalus laevicollis

Harpalus latus

Harpalus luteicornis

Harpalus melancholicus

Harpalus neglectus

Harpalus picipennis

Harpalus politus

Harpalus quadripunctatus

Harpalus rubripes

Harpalus ruficornis

Harpalus rufitarsis

Harpalus rufus

Harpalus servus

Harpalus smaragdinus

Harpalus sulphuripes

Harpalus tenebrosus

Harpalus tenebrosus var. solieri

Harpalyce biangulata

Harpalyce corylata

Harpalyce fulvata

Harpalyce galiata

Harpalyce ocellata

Harpalyce silaceata

Harpalyce subtristata

Harpalyce sylvaticata

Harpalyce tristata

Harpalyce unangulata

Harpalyce unilobata

Harpella crassella

Harpella geoffroyella

Harpes ungula

Harpia erminea

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