BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Felix cafira --> Flustra gayi
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Felix cafira

Felix leo

Felix leo

Fiber zibethicus

Ficedula coronata

Ficus bulbiformis

Ficus clathrata

Ficus clava

Ficus clava

Ficus dussumieri

Ficus nexilis

Ficus ventricosa

Ficus ventricosus

Fidonia anguinata

Fidonia atomaria

Fidonia atomaria

Fidonia bivirgata

Fidonia brephos

Fidonia ericetaria

Fidonia fuliginaria

Fidonia piniaria

Fidonia rubellata

Fidonia scarata

Fidonia setinata

Fissurella aspera

Fissurella biradiata

Fissurella candida

Fissurella cayennensis

Fissurella coarctata

Fissurella crasse

Fissurella europaea

Fissurella fascicularis

Fissurella gibberula

Fissurella hiantula

Fissurella javaniensis

Fissurella lilacina

Fissurella macrochisma

Fissurella macrotrema

Fissurella microtrema

Fissurella minuta

Fissurella peruviana

Fissurella pica

Fissurella rugosa

Fissurella sanguinea

Fissurella scutellum

Fissurella subrostrata

Fissurella viridula

Fistularia chinensis

Fistularia tabaccaria


Flabellum alabastrum

Flabellum australe

Flabellum variabile

Flata nervosa

Floresca parthenia

Floscula promethea

Floscularia ornata

Flustra aragoi

Flustra foliacea

Flustra gayi

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