BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Elater bimaculatus --> Eleutherocrinus cassedayi
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Elater bimaculatus

Elater bipustulatus

Elater bructeri

Elater castaneus

Elater cinctus

Elater cinnabarinus

Elater cruciatus

Elater crucifer

Elater cupreus

Elater cupreus var.

Elater elongatulus

Elater ephippium

Elater erythrogonus

Elater fasciatus

Elater ferrugineus

Elater ferrugineus

Elater flavicornis

Elater haematodes

Elater haematodes

Elater latus

Elater lepidopterus

Elater longicollis

Elater melancholicus

Elater mesomelus

Elater niger

Elater nigerrimus

Elater nigricornis

Elater nigrinus

Elater parvulus

Elater pectinicornis

Elater pilosus

Elater praeustus

Elater praeustus

Elater pulchellus

Elater riparius

Elater rubens

Elater rufipes

Elater rufus

Elater rufus

Elater sanguineus

Elater sanguineus

Elater sanguinolentus

Elater signatus

Elater sticticus

Elater striatus

Elater taeniatus

Elater thoracicus

Elater trifasciatus

Elater varius

Elater vittatus

Electra comitata

Electra populata

Electra pyraliata

Electra spinachiata

Electra testata

Eledona agarcola

Eledone moschata

Elephas maximus

Elephas maximus

Eleutherocrinus cassedayi

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