BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Dentalium radicula --> Dermatochelys coriacea
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Dentalium radicula

Dentalium rectum

Dentalium rubescens

Dentalium saturni

Dentalium sectum

Dentalium semi-alternans

Dentalium semi-striatum

Dentalium semi-striolatum

Dentalium sexangulara

Dentalium sexangulare

Dentalium sexcarinatum

Dentalium simile

Dentalium sowerbyi

Dentalium strangulatum

Dentalium striatum

Dentalium striatum

Dentalium substriatum

Dentalium sulcatum

Dentalium sulcatum

Dentalium tarentinum

Dentalium tenue

Dentalium translucidum

Dentalium tricostatum

Dentalium turritum

Dentalium undulatum

Dentalium undulatum

Dentalium variabile

Dentalium virginianum

Dentalium vulgare

Dentalium vulgare

Denticella regia

Denticollis linearis

Depressaria albipunctella

Depressaria alstroemeriana

Depressaria apicella

Depressaria applana

Depressaria atomella

Depressaria badiella

Depressaria bluntii

Depressaria carduella

Depressaria characterosa

Depressaria costosa

Depressaria curvipunctosa

Depressaria damella

Depressaria gilvella

Depressaria heracleana

Depressaria immaculata

Depressaria irrorella

Depressaria liturella

Depressaria nervosa

Depressaria ocellana

Depressaria propinquella

Depressaria pulverella

Depressaria purpurea

Depressaria putridella

Depressaria sparmanniana

Depressaria umbellana

Depressaria venosa

Depressaria yeatiana

Dermatochelys coriacea

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