BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Cyclostoma concinnum --> Cymonomus granulatus valdiviae
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Cyclostoma concinnum

Cyclostoma decussata

Cyclostoma ferruginea

Cyclostoma fimbriata

Cyclostoma flavulum

Cyclostoma interrupta

Cyclostoma lineolata

Cyclostoma mammilaris

Cyclostoma multilabris

Cyclostoma orbella

Cyclostoma quaternata

Cyclostoma rugosa

Cyclostoma semilabris

Cyclostoma sulcata

Cyclostoma tortum

Cyclostoma ventricosum

Cycloturus didactylus

Cyclura carinata

Cycnia mendica

Cydimon poeyi

Cydippe pileus

Cygnus bewickii

Cygnus minor

Cygnus musicus

Cygnus olor

Cylindromorphus filum

Cylindrophis rufus

Cylista impatiens

Cyllodes ater

Cyllodes ater

Cymatophora flavicornis

Cymatophora ocularis

Cymatophora or

Cymatophora ridens






Cymbulia sibogae

Cyme luzonica

Cyme ochropyga

Cyme orbicularis

Cyme pardalina

Cyme polygrapha

Cyme princeps

Cymella congerens

Cymindis axillaris

Cymindis humeralis

Cymindis humeralis

Cymindis macularis

Cymindis vaporariorum

Cymonomus granulatus

Cymonomus granulatus

Cymonomus granulatus n. subsp.

Cymonomus granulatus normani

Cymonomus granulatus typicus

Cymonomus granulatus typicus

Cymonomus granulatus valdiviae

Cymonomus granulatus valdiviae

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