BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Clytra humeralis --> Coccinella 4-maculata
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Clytra humeralis

Clytra laeviuscula

Clytra longimana

Clytra longipes

Clytra quadripunctata

Clytra quadripuntata

Clytra scopolina

Clytra tridentata

Clytus arcuatus

Clytus arietis

Clytus detritus

Clytus detritus

Clytus floralis

Clytus lama

Clytus liciatus

Clytus mysticus

Clytus ornatus

Clytus plebejus

Clytus rhamni

Clytus semipunctatus

Clytus tropicus

Clytus verbasci

Cnaemidophorus rhododactylus

Cnemidophorus alticola

Cnemidotus caesus

Cnemidotus caesus

Cnemidotus caesus

Cnemidotus rotundatus

Cnemolopha australis

Cnephasia asinana

Cnephasia cinerana

Cnephasia curvifasciana

Cnephasia ictericana

Cnephasia interjectana

Cnephasia littoralis

Cnephasia logiana

Cnephasia longana

Cnephasia nubilana

Cnephasia obsoletana

Cnephasia penziana

Cnephasia perfuscana

Cnephasia rectifasciana

Cnephasia sinuana

Cnethocampa pityocampa

Cnethocampa pityocampa

Cnethocampa processionea

Cobitis taenia

Coccidium schubergi

Coccidium schubergi

Coccidula rufa

Coccidula scutellata

Coccinella 10-punctata

Coccinella 10-punctata var. 4-punctata

Coccinella 10-punctata var. 6-punctata

Coccinella 10-punctata var. lutea

Coccinella 10-punctata var. subpunctata

Coccinella 11-punctata

Coccinella 11-punctata var. 9-punctata

Coccinella 14-pustulata

Coccinella 4-maculata

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