BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Carabus inaequalis --> Carabus scheidleri var. excellens
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Carabus inaequalis

Carabus inquisitor

Carabus intricatus

Carabus intricatus

Carabus irregularis

Carabus irregularis

Carabus irregularis

Carabus jurine

Carabus kugelanni

Carabus leucophthalmus

Carabus linnei

Carabus littoralis

Carabus lunatus

Carabus lutescens

Carabus marginalis

Carabus marginalis

Carabus marginatus

Carabus melanocephalus

Carabus meridianus

Carabus metallicus

Carabus micros

Carabus monilis

Carabus monilis

Carabus morbillosus

Carabus multipunctatus

Carabus nemoralis

Carabus nemoralis

Carabus nigricornis

Carabus nigrita

Carabus nitens

Carabus nitens

Carabus nivalis

Carabus oblongopunctatus

Carabus obsoletus

Carabus orichalceus

Carabus panzeri

Carabus parumpunctatus

Carabus pavidus

Carabus peltatus

Carabus picicornis

Carabus pilicornis

Carabus planus

Carabus prasinus

Carabus pulchellus

Carabus pumicatus

Carabus punctulatus

Carabus purpurascens

Carabus quadriguttatus

Carabus quadrimaculatus

Carabus quadrinotatus

Carabus reticulatus

Carabus ruficornis

Carabus rutilans

Carabus sabulicola

Carabus sabulosus

Carabus scabrosus

Carabus scheidleri

Carabus scheidleri

Carabus scheidleri

Carabus scheidleri var. excellens

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