BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Argynnis paphia --> Arhopala inornata
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Argynnis paphia

Argynnis paphia

Argynnis selene

Argyria insons

Argyria lucidella

Argyria subtilis

Argyrolepia aecheana

Argyrolepia bistrigana

Argyrolepia decimana

Argyrolepia lathoniana

Argyrolepia tesserana

Argyromiges spartifoliella

Argyromiges alnifoliella

Argyromiges autumnella

Argyromiges blancardella

Argyromiges clerckella

Argyromiges corylifoliella

Argyromiges cramerella

Argyromiges cuculipenella

Argyromiges cydoniella

Argyromiges harrisella

Argyromiges hortella

Argyromiges klemannella

Argyromiges mespilella

Argyromiges nivella

Argyromiges obscurella

Argyromiges raiella

Argyromiges rufipunctella

Argyromiges schreberella

Argyromiges semiaurella

Argyromiges sylvella

Argyromiges trestrigella

Argyromiges trifasciella

Argyromiges ulmefoliella

Argyromiges unipunctella

Argyronome paphia

Argyrosetia aurifasciella

Argyrosetia aurivitella

Argyrosetia brockella

Argyrosetia ella

Argyrosetia goedartella

Argyrosetia literella

Argyrosetia semifasciella

Argyrotoza apicalis

Argyrotoza bergmanniana

Argyrotoza conwayana

Argyrotoza daldorfiana

Argyrotoza hoffmanseggiana

Argyrotoza subaurantiana

Arhodia lutosaria

Arhodia lutosaria var. punicea

Arhopala aglais

Arhopala alesia

Arhopala amphea

Arhopala amphimuta

Arhopala araxes

Arhopala arsenius

Arhopala chinensis

Arhopala eridanus

Arhopala inornata

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