BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Anisodactylus signatus --> Anophia corone
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Anisodactylus signatus

Anisodes annularis

Anisodes lancearia

Anisodes lateritia

Anisodes nundata

Anisodes pardalis

Anisoneura sphingoides

Anisophila fruticola

Anisoplia agricola

Anisoplia austriaca

Anisoplia crucifera

Anisoplia fruticola

Anisopterix aescularia

Anisopteryx aescularia

Anisosticta 19-punctata

Anisosticta strigata

Anisotoma badia

Anisotoma bicolor

Anisotoma corrusca

Anisotoma corticalis

Anisotoma glabra

Anisotoma obesa

Anisotoma picea

Anisotoma testacea

Anobium abietis

Anobium boleti

Anobium boleti

Anobium denticolle

Anobium denticolle

Anobium emarginatum

Anobium festivum

Anobium fulvicorne

Anobium micans

Anobium micans

Anobium nitidum

Anobium nitidum

Anobium nitidum

Anobium paniceum

Anobium paniceum

Anobium pertinax

Anobium pertinax

Anobium pertinax

Anobium reticulatum

Anobium striatum

Anobium tesselatum

Anobium tessellatum

Anodonta anatina

Anodonta anatina

Anolis carolinensis

Anomala frischii

Anomala vitis

Anomalon aphidium

Anomalon cruentatus

Anomia ephippium

Anommatus duodecimstriatus

Anommatus reitteri

Anomoeotes levis

Anoncodes adusta

Anoncodes rufiventris

Anophia corone

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