BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Amphotis marginata --> Anacampsis sequax
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Amphotis marginata

Amphydasis betularia

Ampullaria canaliculata

Ampullaria dubia

Ampullaria fasciata

Ampullaria fragilis

Ampullaria gigas

Ampullaria roissii

Ampullaria virens

Ampyx rouaultii

Anabas scandens

Anacampsis aethiops

Anacampsis affinis

Anacampsis albimaculata

Anacampsis aleella

Anacampsis alternella

Anacampsis angustella

Anacampsis annulicornis

Anacampsis aspera

Anacampsis atra

Anacampsis betulea

Anacampsis bifasciella

Anacampsis cinerella

Anacampsis contigua

Anacampsis costella

Anacampsis decorella

Anacampsis diffinis

Anacampsis dodecella

Anacampsis domestica

Anacampsis ericae

Anacampsis fugacella

Anacampsis fulvescens

Anacampsis fuscescens

Anacampsis fuscipennis

Anacampsis guttifera

Anacampsis hübneri

Anacampsis interruptella

Anacampsis juniperella

Anacampsis lacteella

Anacampsis lanceolella

Anacampsis laticinctella

Anacampsis listerella

Anacampsis longicornis

Anacampsis luctuella

Anacampsis lutarea

Anacampsis lyellella

Anacampsis maculella, Anacampsis tremella

Anacampsis malvella

Anacampsis marmorea

Anacampsis mouffetella

Anacampsis nebulea

Anacampsis nivella

Anacampsis padifoliella

Anacampsis populella

Anacampsis proxima

Anacampsis quadripuncta

Anacampsis rhombella

Anacampsis rusticella

Anacampsis sarcitella

Anacampsis sequax

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