BioLib alphabetic index of Latin animal species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern zoological nomenclature.

Ammonites cordatus --> Ammonites funatus
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Ammonites cordatus

Ammonites cornucopia

Ammonites cornuelianus

Ammonites corrugatus

Ammonites coupei

Ammonites coynartii

Ammonites crassicostatus

Ammonites cristagalli

Ammonites cristatus

Ammonites cristatus

Ammonites cryptoceras

Ammonites cultratus

Ammonites curvatus

Ammonites davaei

Ammonites davoei

Ammonites decipiens

Ammonites delaruei

Ammonites demidofii

Ammonites denarius

Ammonites denarius

Ammonites dentatus

Ammonites deshaysii

Ammonites deslongchampsii

Ammonites desplacei

Ammonites deverianus

Ammonites didayanus

Ammonites difficilis

Ammonites dimorphus

Ammonites diphillus

Ammonites discoëdes

Ammonites discus

Ammonites discus

Ammonites dispar

Ammonites dudressieri

Ammonites dufresnoye

Ammonites duncani

Ammonites duncani

Ammonites dupinianus

Ammonites duvalianus

Ammonites edouardianus

Ammonites elegans

Ammonites elementinus

Ammonites emerici

Ammonites engelhardti

Ammonites eudesianus

Ammonites excavatus

Ammonites falcatus

Ammonites falcatus

Ammonites falcifer

Ammonites fascicularis

Ammonites feraudianus

Ammonites fimbriatus

Ammonites fischerianus

Ammonites fissicostatus

Ammonites fittoni

Ammonites fleuriosianus

Ammonites flexisulcatus

Ammonites frearsi

Ammonites fubulatus

Ammonites funatus

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