BioLib alphabetic index of Latin plant species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern botanical nomenclature.

Puccinia libanotidis --> Puccinia scorzonerae
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Puccinia libanotidis

Puccinia liliacearum

Puccinia linosyridi-caricis

Puccinia lojkajana

Puccinia longissima

Puccinia lycoctoni

Puccinia malvacearum

Puccinia mei-mamillatae

Puccinia menthae

Puccinia millefolii

Puccinia moliniae

Puccinia montana

Puccinia morthieri

Puccinia mougeotii

Puccinia nigrescens

Puccinia oblongata

Puccinia obscura

Puccinia obtusata

Puccinia oreoselini

Puccinia oxyriae

Puccinia paliformis

Puccinia paludosa

Puccinia passerinii

Puccinia pazschkei

Puccinia persistens

Puccinia petroselini

Puccinia phragmitis

Puccinia picridis

Puccinia pimpinellae

Puccinia poarum

Puccinia podospermi

Puccinia polygoni

Puccinia polygoni-amphibii

Puccinia polygoni-vivipari

Puccinia porri

Puccinia porteri

Puccinia pozzii

Puccinia prenanthis-purpureae

Puccinia primulae

Puccinia primulae

Puccinia primulae

Puccinia pringsheimiana

Puccinia pruni-spinosae

Puccinia pulsatillae

Puccinia punctata

Puccinia pygmaea

Puccinia pyrethri

Puccinia rhaetica

Puccinia ribesii-pseudocyperi

Puccinia ribesii-pseudocyperi

Puccinia ribis

Puccinia ribis-nigri-paniculatae

Puccinia rossiana

Puccinia ruebsaamenii

Puccinia rumicis-scutati

Puccinia saniculae

Puccinia saxifragae

Puccinia schroeteri

Puccinia scirpi

Puccinia scorzonerae

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