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A collection of historic and modern biological books

This is a collection of historic and modern biology books. Many of these books are currently out of print and hard to obtain from public libraries or book sellers. They have either been typed or entered via optical character recognition software (OCR). I try to make them as correct as possible. If errors are detected, then please don't hesitate to inform me.


All of these books are published here for common benefit, to help students of biology and teachers in learning and research, there is basically no commercial interest and the pages are free from any advertisements. To further enlarge this collection I am mostly dependent on unpaid work done by friends and helpers. All coauthors are acknowledged within the individual texts.
If you like this site, you can support it in several ways: You may lend me historic biology books, you may help with the scanning of pages and images, you may help with verifying text that has been put through OCR, you may manually enter text etc. Before planning to help you may want to read the conventions used in this library (in German).

If you are interested, contact me at info@biolib.de.