Ernst Haeckel: Die Radiolarien
Berlin, 1862

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These are the 35 copper plates that accompanied Ernst Haeckel's Radiolaria book from 1862.
This volume has kindly been provided by Prof. Dr. Peter von Sengbusch (Institut für allgemeine Botanik, Hamburg, Germany).

The 35 plates were scanned by Kurt Stüber using a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 6100C flat bed scanner. Earch plate was scanned twice: 1. using 100 dpi resolution and 2. using 300 dpi resolution, since 100 dpi did not reproduce all the fine details of the engravings. The size of the 100 dpi scans is about 3 MByte (uncompressed) or about 500 to 700 KByte (compressed). The 300 dpi scans range at about 27 MByte (uncompressed) or 4 MByte (compressed).

Hint: Use the 100 dpi scans for viewing in your browser. The 300 dpi scans are so big, that they probably will not been displayed by your browser. Better download them into your computer and user Photoshop or any other image manipulation program to display or print them.

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100 dpi scans
about 500-700 KByte
300 dpi scans
about 3 MByte (Internet link!)
Plate 1 Tafel_01_300.jpg
Plate 2 Tafel_02_300.jpg
Plate 3 Tafel_03_300.jpg
Plate 4 Tafel_04_300.jpg
Plate 5 Tafel_05_300.jpg
Plate 6 Tafel_06_300.jpg
Plate 7 Tafel_07_300.jpg
Plate 8 Tafel_08_300.jpg
Plate 9 Tafel_09_300.jpg
Plate 10 Tafel_10_300.jpg
Plate 11 Tafel_11_300.jpg
Plate 12 Tafel_12_300.jpg
Plate 13 Tafel_13_300.jpg
Plate 14 Tafel_14_300.jpg
Plate 15 Tafel_15_300.jpg
Plate 16 Tafel_16_300.jpg
Plate 17 Tafel_17_300.jpg
Plate 18 Tafel_18_300.jpg
Plate 19 Tafel_19_300.jpg
Plate 20 Tafel_20_300.jpg
Plate 21 Tafel_21_300.jpg
Plate 22 Tafel_22_300.jpg
Plate 23 Tafel_23_300.jpg
Plate 24 Tafel_24_300.jpg
Plate 25 Tafel_25_300.jpg
Plate 26 Tafel_26_300.jpg
Plate 27 Tafel_27_300.jpg
Plate 28 Tafel_28_300.jpg
Plate 29 Tafel_29_300.jpg
Plate 30 Tafel_30_300.jpg
Plate 31 Tafel_31_300.jpg
Plate 32 Tafel_32_300.jpg
Plate 33 Tafel_33_300.jpg
Plate 34 Tafel_34_300.jpg
Plate 35 Tafel_35_300.jpg